Do I have to iron the linen shirt?

It depends.. Some people like the look of washed linen and some prefer their linen ironed. I personally have a linen shirt that I wear to nice events that I iron and one that is my every-day shirt that I hang-dry on a hanger and stretch a little. No ironing. The fabric gets a little stiffer and if feels more formal when it has been ironed. It’s softer unironed.

Does the wool itch?

It depends.. Compared to the old wool shirts that they used back in the day, no! Compared to Merino wool.. maybe.. I don’t think it itches and most people comment on the fact that it’s not itchy. If you are very sensitive to wool, it might be itchy to you..

How do I wash the shirts?

Wash your shirts on gentle and hang-dry. No dryer! Wool on wool cycle. No need to hand-wash.

Will the shirt shrink?

The cotton shirts may shrink up to 4% according to the Solberg factory in Norway.  However the linen and hemp shirts should stay their original size.

What´s my size?

The shirts are gender neutral but the sizes are more true to traditional men´s sizes.  That means a person who usually wears a men´s medium should be a medium.  A person who usually wears a women´s medium should by a small.  Feel free to check out our size chart for more precise measurements.

For hats, measure the circumference of your head where the hat will sit.

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