Language Learning  is now live!
Learning a language is a lifelong experience. It involves grammar and vocabulary, of course, but culture is also incredibly important. I find that learning the why behind sayings, expressions, and grammar helps to bring a language to life. It allows you to better understand what people are saying, but also how to better express yourself. 
I started my language learning journey as a child. I learned a few words and phrases from my grandparents, and then attending the Concordia Language Villages to learn Norwegian. Since 2002, I have been teaching children and adults, individuals and groups, in person and online. I love sharing what I have learned and learning about my students: where they come from, what their motivations are, and what they want to achieve.
If you are interested in learning Norwegian, please send me a message at 
If you are interested in learning on your own, I hope the resources listed below will help you on your journey!