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Hovden Wear creates clothing for today's lifestyle inspired by traditional work clothes, such as the 150 year old Scandinavian work shirt, the Busserull. Handmade by craftsmen in Europe and the U.S., our high-quality garments use 100% natural fabrics and sustainable production methods, just like our ancestors did 150 years ago.

Our Mission

With the classic and durable design methods of our scandinavian ancestors, we are determined to bring sustainable, ethical production methods alongside lasting investment pieces that have a versatile styling, comfortable fit and clean finish to the wardrobes of contemporary folks.

The Hovden Shirt

Our flagship garment is a reproduction of the 150 year old Scandinavian work shirt. This garment was commonly worn by workers and farmers and was called 'busserull' in Norwegian and 'arbestskjorta' in Swedish and Danish.   


Our garments are meant to be worn in all aspects of life; whether it involves daily activities, an evening out, farm work or a dashing wedding party. Our garments do not have just one life. 150 years strong and counting.

The Pattern

One of the reasons the shirt is so unique is the way the pattern was designed. Because fabric was a scarce commodity 150 years ago, the shirt was made up of squares and rectangular pieces, which resulted in almost no fabric going to waste. The proportions were drafted in such a way that fit the 3-dimensional body with ease and comfort. We have replicated this pattern.