What is a zero waste garment?

Zero waste is growing in popularity, but what is it?  and how does Hovden Wear fit into this movement?

A zero waste garment is a piece of clothing that is produced without creating, and ultimately throwing away, extra material.  It is a difficult task, and one that many designers and companies don´t care to take on.  For Hovden Wear, it comes completely naturally. 

The busserull shirt, also known as the arbetsjorta, is about as zero waste as can be.  The pattern is from the 1800s, a time when waste was unheard of for many farming and working class people.  As my grandmother would say, there was nothing extra, so you had to use every piece of what you had.

So what did they do? They created this pattern using squares. Every inch of the fabric could be mapped out and cut in straight lines, completely eliminating funny shaped off cuts. Every inch of fabric could be incorporated into a shirt in some way.  At the time it was the practical thing to do. Now, having a zero waste product is considered a huge step towards sustainability. 

For Hovden Wear, we just continue to appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity that went into traditional, hard working clothing.

Zero waste shirt

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