Tunics for Men and Women

I´ve been wanting to get family pictures for a while now, and last week we finally got them done!  Of course, since professional family photos are a rarity for my family, I had to include Hovden Wear shirts and tunics, and I love the way they turned out.

Scandinavian family photo by a lake. black linen tunic, Scandinavian red tunic, blue and red kid´s shirts

When deciding what my husband and I should wear, there were a few surprises. My husband, for one, decided he wanted to wear the black tunic. I´ve had men ask about the tunics before, but I hadn't seen one on a man. I must say, I think my hubby looked pretty good.  He also pointed out that the vikings would have worn tunics, so there is no reason why he or any man should not wear one now.

I chose the red tunic.  I have always loved red and think it looks good with my blue eyes and light hair.  To mix it up a bit, I put the kids in white and blue.  We have a red busserull in kid sizes too.  Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we do!

Nordic children´s shirts in blue and white Nordic family. Black linen tunic, Scandinavian red tunic, blue and white children´s shirts

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