Traveling to Norway with kids. Days 15 - 16

The last couple days of our trip were rainy and the kids were tired and ready to go home.  However, we still managed to get out and see a little bit.

Day 15 we took the bus to Nidaros again and then walked along the river Nidelven. Of course I had to sing the Nidelven song while walking along. We came to the old town bridge, gamle bybro, and took the obligatory tourist pics.  There was also a nice tourist who took a couple pictures for us. We continued over the bridge and into bakklandet. Bakklandet is a super cute neighborhood from the 1700s. The houses are all different colors and there are cute little shops and cafes along the way.

Day 16 we went back to the Nidaros Cathedral with our friends.  We went to another kids play and did some coloring in the cathedral.  There was a cool scanner set up where the kids would color something and then their pictures would get projected onto the cathedral wall.  Very fun.  We also had a delicious lunch!  Then, it was time to head to the airport so we could get back to Oslo and back to the US.  What a trip!!

the old town bridge in Trondheim   family in front of the old bybro in Trondheim   boy eating Norwegian pancake   boy smiling with jam covered mouth


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