Traveling to Norway with kids. Day 14


 We finished up our trip by visiting the lovely town of Trondheim.  Our good family friends, Kari and Daniel, moved to Trondheim the week before from Spokane, and so our goal was to not only see the sights, but also to welcome them to Norway. 

We rented an airbnb just outside of town, but that had a bus stop close by.  The bus ticket was about $12 for a full day, with unlimited rides, so that seemed like an OK deal. When looking into housing, airbnb had the best prices, and for a family, it also helps to have the ability to cook meals and relax in a home environment.

We spent most of our sightseeing time enjoying Nidarosdomen and the surrounding areas. The cathedral was built around 1300 and has been renovated and repaired throughout the years.  It is incredibly beautiful. We were also lucky to hear a couple pipe organ demonstrations while there. Next door there is an open air courtyard and a few museums.  The courtyard was set up with stone carving demonstrations, craft shops, snacks, and games for the kids. There are also 3 different 40 minute interactive plays offered for kids that I highly recommend.  My kids loved them!

 childrens play at Nidaros   stone carver   kids playing games outside   evening sun over rowhouses

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