Traveling to Norway with kids - Day 6

When I was an au pair in Oslo, a brand-new playground was built at Frognerparken.  That playground is no longer new, but it is still a really fun spot for kids. I wanted to walk through the park, but first, the kids needed to burn some energy.  They ran, climbed, swung from the monkey bars, and made friends with some of the other kids there. Once we got some of the wiggles out, we were able to stroll through the park and have a snack surrounded by statues and roses. I splurged a little and bought ice cream for the kids and a coffee for myself. We also had to pay for a restroom. Yet even so, it was a fun and reasonably priced morning.

Playground at Frognerpark in Oslo     small kids with a vigeland statue of children     kids running to the monolith at vigelands park

In the afternoon we took the tram down to Akershusfestning. The Akershus fortress was built in stages, start around 1300.  I have always wanted to see the inside of the oldest part of the fortress, and this time we got to do it!  It was 100 kroner for adults and free for small children. We got to see the dungeons and great halls, where the former kings and queens are interned, and where former royalty slept, studied, and gathered.  I probably enjoyed it more than the kids, but they found a few things to admire as well.  We also explored the grounds of the fortress, which is free, and provides a great few over Oslo fjord and Aker Brygge.  It is one of my favorite spots to visit when in Oslo.

smiling woman at akershus fortress in oslo    stately room at akershus fortress in Oslo   





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