Traveling to Norway with 1 mamma, 2 kids and a budget - Day 1

If you have ever considered visiting Norway but thought it´s too expensive or too difficult with small children, then follow along as I write about my Norwegian adventure as a mom on her own with a 4 and 6 year old.

This summer my good friend, Ida, got married in Kongsberg and I took the invitation as the perfect reason to finally head to Norway. We bought tickets, packed our bags, got to the airport, and found out Owen´s passport was too close to expiring and he would not be allowed on the plane. We couldn´t believe it! Our return ticket was in July, his passport expires in September, but that wasn´t good enough.  So, I took the kids and headed to Norway as a single mamma. 

Flying to Amsterdam

We flew Minneapolis to Amsterdam, and then Amsterdam to Oslo.  The kids did remarkably well.  They had headphones and coloring books in their backpacks. They had eye masks and gum, and I bought an over the counter kid sleep aid to help with the jet lag. I also packed a few simple gifts that they could open when the waiting/ boredom started to set in. We watched movies, slept for 5 or 6 hours, and made it to Oslo!  Fortunately, it is summer and very light out. So staying awake until bedtime was not too difficult.  It also really helped to meet up with a friend for dinner and darts.  The four year old is both dangerous and a quick learner!  Finally we settled in for a good night sleep.

kids in a hammock

So what did we spend on day 1?  Not a whole lot, to be honest. I brought snacks from home, so we didn´t buy lunch at the airport.  I did pay for a latte and a croissant to share while waiting in Amsterdam. When we got to Oslo, we took the flybuss to the house we are staying at, and then went to a friend´s house and had dinner (which they cooked).  So the only other expense was the bus ticket back to our house.  I must add here that it is extremely helpful to know people/ have friends in foreign countries. It can mean a free place to stay, a free meal, and free rides to various destinations. 

Total cost for day 1 (not counting the plane tickets): less than $40.

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  • How much were your flights and what airline? We had to fly in May for cheaper flights.

    Lynn Clausenbolme

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