Top 3 Travel Apps for Norway

This summer my kids and I embarked on a Norwegian adventure.  We flew from Minneapolis to Oslo, stopping over in Amsterdam.  We then spent about a week in Oslo, several days in the Lillehammer area, and then several days in Trondheim.  One thing I learned is that everything is done by App these days.  So, here are my top travel apps to have on your phone when in Norway.

1. The city public transportation app

Spending time in Oslo means using the Ruter app a lot!  There are two Ruter apps, actually, one is called Ruter and will help you navigate all around town.  The other is called RuterBillett, and will allow you to buy tickets.

When in Trondheim, I used the AtB app.  This app allows you to buy tickets and navigate around Trondheim in one place. Knowing when the bus is coming, which tram to take to your desired location, where the connection points are, etc. is super helpful!

2. The Yr weather app

The Yr app lets you check the weather wherever you are in Norway. It is very accurate (as much as weather predictors can be) and gives you current weather as well as predictions for the near future. Weather in Norway can vary, and it is important to know how to dress and how to be prepared for the day ahead.

3. Train / Flight apps

The kids and I took a train from Oslo to Trondheim, and then flew back on Norwegian air.  If you plan on traveling by train (which I highly recommend), then the Vy app is helpful. The Vy app will let you plan your trip and buy tickets.  If flying around Norway, Norwegian Air is great. The prices are low and the flights are usually on time and as comfortable as any other airline.

 Extra: Payment apps

Many Norwegian stores and citizens use Vipps to pay / accept payment.  If you come from a banking system that uses Vipps, then this can be helpful.  I don´t have it, so I used credit cards.


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