The Interurban Roots Lookbook Story

'Interurban Roots' Collection Lookbook

For us, every look book we create tells a story, our story. We’re just as connected to the history of our apparel as we are to the people who wear our garments today.  
The wonderful models in this new look book are Erik Brakstad and Rachel Bondor Winer, who have been linked to us since we made our first busserull.

Erik is the owner of the old busserull shirt that we drafted the pattern from! I know him from the Norwegian-American community here in Portland, his dad was Norwegian. In January 2014 I texted Eric and asked if I could borrow his busserull shirt and the rest is our history! He currently owns a few busserull shirts including the original historical piece. He wears his new Hovden busserull shirts to Scandinavian events, but also when he meets with clients and needs to dress up his working contractor garb a bit.  He is not a fan of wearing a shirt and a tie, so the busserull shirt is a perfect substitute.

Rachel was one of our first Kickstarter backers in June 2014. She loves everything Scandinavian and became a part of the the Hovden 'inner circle of fans/helpers' in the very beginning. She has been helping us talk about and sell Hovden items at festivals and we even have playdates with our kids. Did I mention that as well as being our model, this smart and gorgeous woman has 3 kids??!! Super-women for sure! Rachel also has solid style, so we are honored to be represented in her closet with a few of our shirts...and now a dress!

Thank you Rachel and Eric for bringing our vision to life with your stellar modeling skills! .
We shot on location at the Nordia House in SW Portland. After 20 years of planning and fundraising, the Scandinavian inspired building was finished last summer and now offers a home for all things Nordic. It’s a great place to visit while in Portland and even has a Swedish restaurant, Broder, and they also host a lot of great concerts. Thank you Nordia House for letting us use the space for our photoshoot.  
Thank you to:
Stine with Steena Photography, the amazing photographer, who is Norwegian and has also been following and supporting Hovden since day one! 

Brandie Mannon for the beautiful braid!

Benjamin Holtrop and Rena Hartman for amazing styling and art direction!

With all of your help, it all came together beautifully.

If you want to see more photos, follow Hovden on Instagram. I have a lot more photos to share!
Take a look at the Lookbook here
Check out the new Collection here




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