Hovden Stands by the Black Community

I want to take a moment and say that Hovden stands by the Black community, and we are committed to antiracism. 

I have taken a break from Hovden the last few weeks to educate myself on past and current Black history in America and how to be anti-racist and an ally. And maybe the hardest part, figure out how to talk to my kids about racism. We have had many talks and it's getting a little easier every time. I have learned a lot and I have much more to learn, but it is a privilege to learn and teach about racism, rather than experiencing it.

Also, it is not lost on me how much easier it has been for me to come to the USA as a white European, compared to my fellow immigrants who are black and brown. I also want to acknowledge that there is racism in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe too. And I’m relieved to see that the movement of antiracism has spread across the Atlantic.  

As you all know, history, retelling stories and not forgetting the past is important to Hovden. But the last few weeks have made it even more clear how important history is, and how important it is that everyone's story is shared, heard, taught and learned. Black and white, rich and poor. History we are ashamed of can't be swept under a rug. It needs to be acknowledged and used to do better. 

These are the initial commitments Hovden is hereby making (more details to come): 

  • Donate to, promote and volunteer with a non-profit organization that fights for environmental justice for IBPoC communities. This organization will be presented on Hovden’s platforms this summer. (I’m still researching different organizations. Feel free to share organizations that does this work if you have any in mind).
  • Share the amazing work of people of color in my Portland and Scandinavian community. I have a platform that may be used to amplify small businesses run by people of color and I commit to using that platform to do so. 
  • Review, revise and share yearly (every July) how Hovden is following through with these commitments. 

Let’s all be lifelong learners and dismantlers of racism and allies to Black humans, indigenous communities and all people of color. 

Ingvill Montgomery

Owner of Hovden Wear

Photo by Malin Fezehai 

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