Hovden Leather Aprons

The more I look at old photos of workers, the more I realize how important aprons were. This fall we made an apron in hemp/organic cotton. Now we are introducing two leather aprons. All three aprons are designed and made in Portland, Oregon. 

The leather aprons are inspired by people in the past who made things with their hands. A leather apron was part of their workwear. It kept them safe and it made their clothes last longer. 

These aprons are also inspired by today's craftsmen and craftswomen. Cobblers, welders, florists and other makers. The aprons are made to last and will become more beautiful with age and use. They will tell the story of the maker. 

From Hol Bydgearkiv 1930-40: www.digitaltmuseum.com



Square waist apron - minimalist look.


Natural, or 'live' edge waist apron.

Welder Jill Torberson

I have had the honor of working with and getting to know Jill Torberson, a Portland welder. We met at Scan Fair in December and realized we have a lot in common, including really liking each others businesses. Jill creates beautiful metal art and functional metal pieces. She is now working in a Hovden wool busserull shirt. She was a good sport and modeled the leather apron for me. She was the one who suggested that Hovden should make a functional leather apron for workers. I'm glad she did! Check out Jill's work here





Check out the leather aprons here

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