Hovden has a new amazing owner!

(who I will tell you about shortly)

I (Ingvill Montgomery) am ready for new adventures after living in this lovely world of Nordic heritage, busserull shirts and wonderful fans and customers for 7 years. I have learned so much, had lots of fun and met many wonderful people. 

The highlight of every year was meeting you and seeing you interact with the Hovden story and clothes at Scan Fair and the Midsummer festival in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to travel much with the shirts, as I have also had 2 kids during this time. However, with the change of ownership I’m hoping more of you will get to meet ‘Hovden’ 'in person'.

Let me introduce… (drumroll!!) the wonderful ELIZABETH ANNE CURTISS! (Applause!!)

Letting go of Hovden is hard, but handing it over to Elizabeth's very capable hands has made this transition easier. She lives in Minnesota, is a Norwegian teacher at Skogfjorden, spent 5 years teaching in Norway and is well connected to Norwegian culture and history, as well as the Norwegian-American community in the Midwest and the US. Elizabeth's sister, Gina Marie, who will also be involved with the business, lived in Sweden for a few years and is a clothing designer. I expect to see new beautiful pieces in the Hovden collection soon. So stick around to find out what's next!

Don’t they sound like perfect new people for Hovden?!  See photo below of Elizabeth in her wedding gown and Gina Marie in her bunad.

Thank you all for following along and supporting me on my Hovden journey. I wish Elizabeth many years of fun with Hovden! I will let her introduce herself in more detail in the next newsletter. 

Here are some photos from the last few years. If you want to see more, you can always go down memory lane on the Hovden Instagram feed. 


PS: The inventory is already in Minnesota and the store is up and running!


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