Hovden Art Project: Modern Norwegian Rosepainting by Kristin Derby

The second artist participating in the Hovden Art Project is Kristin Derby. She resides in Buffalo, NY, and has strong ties to Norway, as her mother is from Oslo. Kristin is a talented graphic designer. She studied Communications Design, minoring in Textiles at Syracuse University. 

Kristin was tasked with making a Scandinavian inspired bandana design. She created a beautiful modern expression of the traditional Norwegian rose painting. The bandanas turned out really nice.  

Kristin says: "I have a deep appreciation for many areas of fiber arts, and one of my favorite museums and leading contributors to my ideas has been the Norsk Folkemuseum, in Oslo, which contains historical buildings and crafts from the past few centuries. It is an amazing step back in time that surprisingly holds many designs and colors relevant to contemporary movements. For this collaboration, I drew my inspiration from traditional Rosmaling, which is a beautiful method of painting flowers and abstract designs on wooden items."



Where did you come across Hovden Formal Farm Wear?

"I found Hovden by chance through the Norwegian American newspaper and immediately appreciated how the company had reintroduced such a staple clothing from Scandinavia to the rest of the world in a sustainable, ethical, and fashionable way. I am so proud I was asked to partner on this new collaboration and hope that you will enjoy a little more of "updated" Scandinavian design." Kristin

We at Hovden are in love with the bandana design! It fits so well! Thank you Kristin for your beautiful art work Kristin! 

Click here to see the bandanas in the shop. 

Click here to see Kristins website. 

Kristin at Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo.  



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