Hovden Art - Collage by Susan Hannen


We are proud to announce the Hovden Art Project, where artists create one or more pieces of art that encompasses Hovden and the busserull shirts past and/or present. Who else loves this idea? 

The first artist is Susan Hannen, who has been a Hovden fan and follower since the first year Hovden was in business. She found Hovden on Pinterest. She is located in Buffalo, NY and her medium is collage. 

I saw some of the historic collages that Susan had made, and fell in love. There are so many layers of history and story telling in her art. It was a perfect match for Hovden and I love what she created! It represents exactly what Hovden is trying to do. It is bridging the gap between the present and the past in a beautiful way. 

"I really wanted it to reflect the simple elegance, historical significance, and utility of the shirts."    Susan Hannen

Details of the collage: 

Detail of the collage


Detail of the collage


About Susan Hannen 

"I became interested in making collages when I taught poetry as a teaching artist in a long-term residency at the Native American Magnet School in Buffalo, New York. When working with the students I saw the power that making images brought to the writing experience, how making collages to illustrate their poems created a new excitement and enthusiasm for the written word.

After that, though I'd never thought of myself as a visual artist, I began to collect vintage images from books and scour estate sales for old photograph albums. I'd spend hours just shifting images around until something clicked and they fell into place like puzzle pieces.

For me, making collages is a meditative activity, one in which I can lose myself completely. It feels very much like play - like when you become so deeply engaged in something that time and place simply fall away."

Follow Susan on Instagram @susan_hannen 

I have printed this art as postcards, so if you would like me to send you a post card, send your address to hovdenffw@gmail.com

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