Friluftsliv is all about spending time outdoors. It is a way of life that has deep roots in Scandinavia. In fact, friluftsliv is so ingrained in the culture that it followed my family across the water to America.  My grandparents spent many happy hours working and playing outdoors, and when my mother and uncles were children, they did the same. Now that I have children of my own, we have continued the tradition. 

So what does that look like in practice?  In my family, we spend as much time outside as possible. We play in the yard, go for walks in the neighborhood, and explore local parks. When deciding on daycare options, we chose nature school: where the kids spend 4 hours outside, playing, exploring, having snacks, and learning about the world.  When hanging out with friends, we tend to go to the local lake, ski, hike, or walk in the woods. Being in nature is our go-to activity.

Want to add some friluftsliv to your life?  There are a few things to consider.

1. Make sure you have good clothes. You don´t need to buy new, but you do need to buy quality so that you can stay comfortable, dry and warm.

2. Start small. Take a walk after dinner. Go outside to feel the sun during your lunch break. Everyone´s day is different, but everyone can find a way to spend a little more time outside.

3. Do what you love. You can do workouts outside. You can nap outside. You can have a picnic. The activity level is not as important as simply being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.

Let me know how you incorporate friluftsliv into your life!



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