Feeling inspired by sylvsmidja

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a couple owners of Sylvsmidja and hearing about their company. Anna, who came to speak, is the granddaughter of the founder. Her grandfather was a goldsmith and craftsman. Her father took the step of marketing to a wider audience and now she is continuing in the tradition.

One of the most amazing stories she told was about how the family moved to Voss prior to WWII to be safe, but turned out to be in one of the most attacked areas of Norway.  Her family was able to keep the business open by working on anything and everything related to metal, including knitting needles.

Sylvsmidja is now the leading producer of bunad sølv in Norway. They are still focused on craftsmanship, quality, and history. They create items with origin stories that go back to the 1300s, as well as modern day items. Now they are letting people know that these jewelry items are not just for bunads, but can be used with modern clothing as well. After all, decorative pins and broaches date back to hundreds of years before the bunad was even created.

If you are interested in learning more and seeing what they have to offer, I recommend checking out https://www.sylvsmidja.no/en.


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