Cultural Sustainability

Cultural sustainability.

I came across this term on Instagram one day and it instantly made sense to me. According to wikipedia:

Cultural sustainability ... has to do with the maintaining of cultural beliefs, cultural practices, heritage conservation, culture as its own entity....

So how does this apply to Hovden Wear?  If you think about it, recreating the busserull is an act of preserving our culture. We are taking something that was commonplace for our ancestors and bringing it back into everyday life. We are also following culturally traditional practices.  The cloth is woven in Norway and then sewn into shirts by women who are well trained in their craft. The process is slow and expensive, but it is also true to how clothes were traditionally made.

Culture is one of those funny things that can be hard to define, but we can feel it in our bones. Cultural sustainability, to me, means keeping that feeling alive through what we wear, what we eat, how we speak, and how we celebrate. I look forward to digging deeper into this topic and sharing more along the way.

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