17. mai - Norway's National Day

My daughter and I ready for 17. mai celebrations at the Norse Hall in Portland, Or. We are both wearing our 'bunad', the traditional Norwegian costume. Mine is from the Vest-Telemark region of Norway. My grandma, 'Gomo' made mine, for herself, during World War 2. There was no colored yarn to buy during the war so she plant-dyed the yarn for the embroidery (Which unfortunately is not showing in this photo). One day, Leona, my daughter will wear my bunad. And hopefully one day, her daughter will wear it.  

Marius and Mats Eggen, celebrating 17. mai in Vingelen, Norway. Marius in his bunad and Mats in his brand new busserull from Hovden : ) One day Mats, you will be wearing your dads bunad and your son or daughter will be wearing your busserull!! When that happens, please send me a photo!! 



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