Hovden featured on Slowdesign.no


More press! We couldn't be happier to hear that people want to write about Hovden and that, hopefully, people will read about Hovden! Slowdesign.no recently interviewed Hovden and put together a beautiful feature on us!!

About Slowdesign.no:

Slow Design is primarily a way of thinking. Through a Slow approach to design and communication, I want to promote reflection and a more conscious approach to how the everyday choices you take has consequences, for oneself and others, – today and in the future.

Hovden couldn't agree more and tries to live by these principles! So we are proud to be featured in this wonderful blog.

Here are some of the questions asked in the interview.. but you will have to read the answers + more on 


The beautiful pictures on your website seems very authentic and express an “essence of Norway” – what’s the story behind those?

It’s exciting that you have taken the concept with you from Norway to the US, how are the Busserulls received in the United States?

The starting of an own business is a lot of hard work to little or no income. It is also risky. What is your «secret force?»


Thank you Slowdesign.no for the LOVE!! You make Hovden look great! 


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