SONYA Viking Skirt - Forest Green - 40% wool

$ 190.00 $ 220.00

Hovden has partnered with Klesarven, a small Norwegian business focusing on recreating viking clothing. This riding skirt is inspired by the vikings. They used felted wool and made functional clothes that kept them warm.

This riding skirt, with a split, is constructed using the high standards of the vikings. It is a wrap around skirt or a 'omslagsskjørt' that you tie in the waist. It fits regardless of how much or little clothes you are wearing. It is easy to put on and take off. Sitting or standing. It is classic, timeless, elegant, romantic, feminin, functional and beautiful. 

This Forest Green skirt is a different fabric than the previous Viking skirts you might have seen on this website. It has 40 % wool, a lighter wool quality. The fabric is softer but has similar weight as the other skirt. It works as a year-around skirt.

Sonya fabric: 40 % wool, 40 % Polyacryl, 20 % Polyester.

I have a limited number of these skirts in forest green from Klesarven in my inventory in the US. 

Small 36: Waist 68 - 72 cm. Length in the back 80 cm.

Medium 38: Waist 76 - 80 cm. Length in the back 85 cm. 

Large 40/42: Waist 84- 88 cm. Length in the back 90 cm.

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