Sami Bracelet 'Coyote' Pewter/Reindeer Leather

$ 67.00

Hovden has partnered with Augusta Anderson of Nomadic Artistry, located in Washington State. She has designed and made two unique Sami bracelets just for Hovden. The bracelets are handcrafted from tanned reindeer leather, spun pewter thread and reindeer antler buttons.

The pewter contains 10% silver. The reindeer leather and antler buttons are imported from Sweden. 

The bracelets have great durability. The leather color will deepen and become richer with time and wear. The pewter will flatten and become more shiny.

In the photos you see 4 different bracelets. A wide and a narrow style. 

Augusta, the artist, says she used the striped busserull shirt fabrics as inspiration when she designed these bracelets. Therefore, they have a simple, clean and linear design.

How to chose your size:

The bracelet should have a slightly snug fit. Measure the circumference of your wrist and add an additional 1/4 inch. 

If you need a different size than what is in stock, send me an e-mail.


The Sami people have been using pewter thread for embroidery since the Middle Ages. The bracelets are a more modern expression of their embroidery traditions. 

The Sami nomadic tribes live in the northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. They have a rich culture which is centered around breeding and herding reindeer. 


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